New To the Area. Glad I found Ya!


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    New To the Area. Glad I found Ya! Empty New To the Area. Glad I found Ya!

    Post  JShultz1 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:22 am

    Hey all,
    Just moved to the area from Missouri and would really like to get to some racing again. Last time I was racing was with a club in the 90's that ran F1s. That was a blast and I would love to get into touring cars... Do you all have a "stock" class? I read some of your rules so maybe I just missed it.... What are some set-ups you guys are running? Again, can't wait to come race! Also, I read that practice is tue/ that true for this evening? Is practice open to the public?

    Can't wait,
    Sean Guthrie
    Sean Guthrie

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    New To the Area. Glad I found Ya! Empty Re: New To the Area. Glad I found Ya!

    Post  Sean Guthrie on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:15 am

    Practice is always open to the public and for anyone that just needs to turn some laps. If you havent raced with us we may take a look at your car to make sure that nothing is hanging down that will grab the carpet, its not packed with dirt that could get dropped on the carpet, etc. We have two touring car classes on is intermediate and one is an invite pro class. The intermediate classes uses 13.5 motors just like the pro class but the pro class we allow timing advance speed controllers which are not allowed in the intermediate class. That class is really growing and has varying ability levels from new to old from fast to slow.

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