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    4 Sale - B44 FT Empty 4 Sale - B44 FT

    Post  John Soladay on Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:52 pm

    For Sale:
    Team Associated B44 Factory Team Kit
    This is a used B44 roller. A season and a half old but probably only 10 to 12 races on it (4wd is a smaller class here). Carbon is in good condition as I used a laminated chassis protector and a lexan protector. The plastics are new, only have a race on them (replaced for the last two day race I was at). All new bearings as well.
    Car comes with Reedy 5100mah lipo saddle pack battery. Battery has a small crack in the case on one of the saddles, still takes and holds a charge fine, have never had an issue with it.

    New In Package Parts:
    New body
    New laminated chassis protector (stick on)
    New diff gear set
    New diff case
    New package of front arms
    2 packs steering knuckles
    2 packs front carriers
    2 packs wing mounts
    2 pair Proline Suburb MX front tires
    2 pair proline white wheels front

    Used Parts:
    78t spur
    81t spur (car has 84t on it)
    2 pair (4) used arms rear (2 left 2 right)
    Pair of used knuckles and carriers

    Used Tires:
    3 pair front tires (2 jconcepts white barcodes, 1 pair losi red taper pins) mostly worn
    One set (front and rear) hole shots 80% life left
    One pair rear taper pins red
    6 pair suburb mx mostly worn
    One set (front and rear) losi red studs (2009 nats spec tire) with 80% life left

    This is what is for sale. I am hoping not to part it out. I am available to send pics via email in the evenings. Email me at soladay.john@gmail.com and I will get the pics sent off to you. PM’s are also welcome but email is preferred.
    Asking 350$ plus shipping (basically the cost of the chassis without battery or parts and tires), I will have to ship ground because of the battery.
    Thanks for looking and happy hobbying.

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