Big Race Results?


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    Big Race Results? Empty Big Race Results?

    Post  Highside20 on Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:40 pm


    How did the races go? Do you have results of who won what?

    I’m also sorry that I got upset Saturday. I was just frustrated that Aj’s car was having radio interference problems. I feel bad that I never seem to get his car working right. Get this, the radio worked fine as soon as I got home. His radio system must have been getting interference from something in the area. I should have known that the cheap eBay radio would cause me problems. Aj was so upset that he just wanted to go home and because my wife had training that forced me to take him home. Sunday, Aj woke up super sick and that prevented me from coming out for the mains. I hope all went well with the races and thank you so much for putting on a great race. I hope to see everyone at the next club race.

    Mike H.
    Sean Guthrie
    Sean Guthrie

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    Big Race Results? Empty Re: Big Race Results?

    Post  Sean Guthrie on Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:10 am

    We understand Mike it was unfortunate you were unable to compete on Saturday as I am sure you would have been a strong competitor. The lights and sound system in the building do cause havoc on radios. I have that Futaba he used a few weekends ago that I would sale you, you also won some raffle prizes.
    As far as the results go I will be posting them up as soon as my body catches up from the torture I put it through this past week.
    We missed a lot of our locals at the race, you sure missed a good one!

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