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    Post  Sean Guthrie on Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:12 am

    Dear RC Riot Racers,

    In the last few days I have gotten some disappointing news and have waited to share it with you until I have received all of the information. The facility we are currently using for our carpet racing is getting rented out and we must move. It is very unfortunate as the racers have helped immensely to improve the facility to what is truly a world class place. I want to again thank everyone for there help and dedication. Even though we are moving we will still be racing!

    This summer we will be racing on the asphalt from May to September. We are moving the races in April to this coming weekend so that we can spend the other weekends working on the Asphalt track in order to get it ready to race on ASAP. Then at the close of the season we will take the month of October off in order to prepare our carpet track. We are getting another building to use for carpet racing from October - April each winter. When we move into this building in the winter we will continue our Tuesday and Thursday practice and continue great carpet racing. The track will have to be a bit smaller some where in between what we used to race on and what we currently have. This should actually help the racing as the smaller track should rubber in much better and since we already planned to slow the cars down for next season the racing will be very close.

    I hope that everyone understands and continues to support RCRIOT. I look forward to seeing everyone race on the carpet track one last time this weekend and enjoy free racing! All that we ask is if anyone can or wants to donate to the club as we prepare the asphalt track for this season it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you again,
    Sean Guthrie
    RCRIOT Raceway

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    Post  darcydawg on Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:35 pm


    It's been a great run at the current building. I want to thank you and your dad for letting us use it for so long. I will definitely be there Saturday for one last race.

    Can't wait for asphalt racing.


    ps: It was great to see our club represented so well at the Carpet Nationals. Well done to you and Max.

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