Race Sunday November 20th

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    Race Sunday November 20th Empty Race Sunday November 20th

    Post  Sean Guthrie on Sun Nov 20, 2011 12:09 am

    Its finally time! Tomorrow, Sunday November 20th we will be racing on the carpet yet again! Tonight there was a handful of us that practiced and the groove has already developed, the cars came off clean, absolutely no fuzz, and the layout is a blast. For a little comparison what the grip is like, I went out with my 12th scale without sauce, and after 10 laps I had as much grip as I had the session before when I had sauced.

    So tomorrow I will be getting there at noon, there was talk of Adrian and Jay being there earlier but he wasn't positive. We will have some practice and then race around two. Adrian hasn't finished the store yet so the only parts that will be there are what I have from RCRIOT. The electrician hasn't finished yet so Adrian has said free racing and please be patient with the lack of outlets and lighting in the pits. The lighting isn't bad just watch your head on the lights that are there. It will be beneficial to have your packs charged as well.

    It is going to be a great season of carpet. I again want to thank the racers and people who have helped get this ready and a huge thanks to Adrian Garcia he has spent a tremendous amount of money and effort to get this going.

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