CRC Gen-XL Set up


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    CRC Gen-XL Set up Empty CRC Gen-XL Set up

    Post  darcydawg on Sun Jan 03, 2010 2:50 pm

    This is what I remember Max's setup to be:


    Tires: Grey
    Front springs : .55
    king pin Preload : .404" from bottom of steering block to lower edge of e-clip groove
    Short arms
    Graphite brace
    5 deg cater blocks
    -0.5 deg camber
    just a little toe out


    Tires: Yellow
    Center shock: blue
    Shock oil: Kit (30WT)
    Side springs: blue
    Battery back
    Damper tube: White cap
    Long ball cups on shock
    1mm spacer under lower shock mount

    I think he was running 4mm ride height all around. I don't know what diameter he trued his tires to. He said his rollout was 2.43". LRP X-11 10.5 and Tekin voodoo.


    The only changes I made was
    Magenta fronts (1.65")
    Pink Rears (1.70")
    Ride height 3.5mm
    2mm spacer under center shock because I have the thicker upper pod plate
    My rollout was 2.74"


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